In July of 2017 we provided audio support for the Evolve Festival. The Evolve Music and Awareness Festival is an annual 3-day summer celebration of music, culture, and social awareness in Moncton, New Brunswick. From it’s start in 2000 as a grassroots music and awareness festival featuring local bands, the festival has grown to showcase world class performers from around the globe. Being on location and at an outdoor festival, it presented some unique challenges but our techs along with the organizers and artists pulled it off.
…the Trinity system worked really well given the less than perfect conditions.
Evolve really wanted to have the PK sound Trinity system for audio at the festival so we shipped the system from Ontario, and flew our crew east! Five Trinity speaker boxes a side were deployed for audio reinforcement along with 24 PK CX800 subs and a DigiCo desk. Outdoor music festivals project audio into an uneven space with lots of areas for the sound to bounce unevenly creating standing waves and other unpleasant sonic affects. With the PK Sound Trinity line array, we were able to use it’s robotic vertical and horizontal adjustment system to analyze the space and quickly account for these inconsistencies. With traditional line array systems, this would have been a more tedious task but the Trinity system worked really well given the less than perfect conditions.   Audio in the video is courtesy of

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