Saturday June 17 marked Dundurn Castle’s 50th anniversary as a historic house museum. To celebrate, they wanted to bring back an old tradition they had at the house but in a bigger way. In 1965, the first “Sound And Light Pageant” in Canada took place at Dundurn Castle. It included lighting that was triggered in succession and had a cast of 13 actors performing a recreation of Sophia MacNab’s wedding in 1858 to Viscount Bury. Accompanied by a narration that was recorded in Toronto, the pageant was seen as a new artistic genre. You can read more about it at the Hamilton Spectator. We were tasked with developing a light show to accompany a voice narration and musical soundtrack to re-recreate the original event in a modern way.
Lighting scenes were projected onto Dundurn Castle to reflect the mood of the narration and music.
Colin Moore, a Lighting Director at Soundbox, recalls “After the voice over and soundtrack was completed, we programmed the lighting show to compliment the mood of the presentation. We had multiple areas of colour projected onto the front of the castle which would change independently during a sequence to giving it a dynamic feel”. This event ran as part of the Canada 150 celebrations that took place up to July 1st. Thank you to Tweedle Productions for capturing the video.

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