The ability to communicate clearly is paramount in any business, so when McNally Construction’s Hamilton office boardroom needed an update, Soundbox was asked to throw our hat in the ring and offer a solution.

We replaced an aging projection system and dual panel conferencing system with a single point visual support solution, as well as an update to the basic presentation and conferencing solution, and of course, simple operation.

… a neat and tidy solution within the customers budget and maintained all that was requested.

Our design team put their heads together and provided a neat and tidy solution within the customers budget and maintained all that was requested.

With Crestron Electronics’ vast array of products, we were able to provide and 80” flat screen, paired with a DMPS switcher, with onboard video switching, audio management and control system, paired with a Crestron 4 input video scaler, allowing us to maintain the split screen options for video conferencing applications, as well as a variety of possible presentation options. HDMI and legacy 15pin VAG connections were maintained in existing table monuments with the additional option of the Crestron Air Media deployed for convenient wireless presentation options.

Existing speakers were maintained for the customer, while we added 3 Sennheiser in ceiling boundary microphones for audio support on video and teleconferencing. These pics feed into the AEC inputs on the Crestron DMPS switcher, providing clear audio to the receiving ends of the calls.

When tackling retrofit projects and maintaining customer supplied equipment, sometimes challenges arise, our team worked through the challenges with the existing conferencing codec, applying custom coding and creative thinking to deliver the desired result to our customer.

We also offered further room automation to the lighting system in the space, with occupancy sensors that automatically trigger room lighting when someone enters the space, and shuts the system down when there is no occupancy for a given time. Saving additional runtime on the system when it’s not in use.

A clean and simple user interface was designed for the 10″ touchscreen employed to run the space, offering direct access to various audio, video and lighting settings.

While a fairly simple integration on the surface, key components and design choices make this a standout project, and provides options for future expansion as well as rock solid base for quick and easy meeting setup and conferencing. This allows our customer to concentrate on the important business matters at hand and not muddling their way through a complicated AV system.

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