Even the simplest of projects require attention to detail and should be deployed with the end-users best interest at hand. When the Investment advisors at The Simple investor needed to launch their new space they contacted us at Soundbox to offer our take on what the space needed and how to achieve a simple, clean presentation space that could be used with minimal technical requirements from the users while delivering the same high-quality results every time.

While the deployment was fairly straight forward, we offered a custom-designed audiovisual and control system to fit the space.

…we offered a custom designed audio visual and control system to fit the space.

A simple high definition projection system was installed to offer a practical yet impressive visual support to presentations, with recessed in-ceiling Tannoy speakers taking care of the audio. Since we had some basic audiovisual processing needs as well as a control system, the Crestron DMPS line of all-in-one processors was a natural selection. With onboard audio control and video switching as well as a 3 series control processor, we could wrap control up into a one-box solution rather than stacking multiple pieces of equipment together for the same result. The DMPS processor also includes onboard HDbaseT long-range inputs and outputs for simple integration of HD signals.

We have two available input platforms, a hardwired solution taking advantage of Crestron’s auto-switching Digital Media input wall plate. This offers legacy 15pin “VGA” connection as well as HDMI standard input. This wallplate transmits the signal over standard networking cabling using the HDbaseT protocol. Again, taking advantage of the onboard receiver of the DMPS switcher, minimizing additional hardware. A wireless video/ audio input is also available via a Crestron Air Media device. This relieves the stress of dongles, cabling, and app dependant transmission by residing on the client’s Wireless network and available to those in the space via simple IP address.

Video broadcast is done via Crestron Room view certified Vivitek (insert model) with onboard HDbaseT receiver. This provides a one-cable solution for video signal and control via IP of the projector.

The speaker system is laid out in such a way that the presenter has free range of motion at the front of the space, while providing excellent coverage through to where participants are seated.

The control system is driven by a custom programmed 5” Crestron touchScreen with a highly intuitive user interface design. The desire is to allow the customer to access the functionality of the system with minimal button pushes, while not restricting control.

While no particularly large challenges presented themselves on this project, we were sure to deliver a system that offered base functionality with optional expansion when desired. We were able to deliver on the promised system and as it would happen the customer did reach out and request Soundbox to install a distributed audio system for the office with a variety of input sources. We were able to offer a cost-effective system and further take advantage of the Crestron system to provide the basic control required for the office audio system.

If you’re thinking about developing a presentation or meeting space, don’t let technology intimidate you, let us help you design a space that will allow you extreme functionality with a simple user interface!

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