When Spencer's at the Waterfront received a makeover and minor expansion in 2016, Soundbox was called up to augment the audio visual systems as well. With Spencer’s managing the beautiful Observatory as a venue for meetings and weddings, they also added an additional meeting space, and augmented the audio system to keep up with the new image the restaurant was to have.

With the restaurant receiving and upgrade and contemporary look, management had the desire for a sound system that could do the same.

The design

The system design at Spencer’s needed to fulfil four main components:

Upgraded audio for the main restaurant
Audio support for the new meeting space
Mobile video support between the rooms
And finally, a user friendly control interface.

The details

Since some of the sister sites had been previously integrated with AMX control systems, it was a natural choice to provide a familiar user experience for any staff that may be called upon from other sites. With a wall mounted touchscreen in the Atrium and an iPad mobile version to manage the other spaces.

With the floor plan of the observatory being somewhat of a moving target, it was decided not to wall mount the 75” panel, but to mount it on a mobile cart with custom protective case. Barco ClickShare was employed to offer a wireless presentation solution, with a variety of output patch points distributed around the venue. Kramer Electronics was the company of choice to support the video distribution and routing. The panel can be shared between the meeting space or the observatory, or a second matching unit can be rolled in if both spaces require video support. The second employing a direct HDMI patch.

With the restaurant receiving and upgrade and contemporary look, management had the desire for a sound system that could do the same. Something that could sound full at low volumes, but also be kicked up a notch when the atmosphere called on it. We chose long time speaker manufacturer Tannoy for the solution. The sleek surface mount speakers blend in to the decor and provide a very articulate and full sound. Tannoy recessed ceiling speakers were also employed in the new meeting space, chosen for the articulation they offer in speech reproduction, but also the ability to reproduce music with great fidelity. The system processing and signal distribution is handled with a Biamp Nexia processor and a Biamp 8 channel power amplifier handling the power requirements.

Some existing infrastructure was maintained is it all worked well in the tasks being performed, we simply added some more zoning for more control.

The conclusion

The turnaround time on the project was extremely quick, but out team kept up to the task, sometimes installing speakers with painters and flooring installers following close behind! The job was delivered to a very happy customer and we were happy to be part of the relaunch when the renovations were complete.

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