When planning improvements for the Town of Lincoln council chambers, we took a look at the uses of the space and discovered many groups used it. This put more emphasis on an easy-to-use system to conduct meetings whether by council or the other groups.

We found that a Crestron based control system would suit the functionality needed to make the space easy to use and highly functional for all.

Clear Control Surfaces

The touchscreen controls were created with ease of use in mind for all levels of technical skill. The chambers included a simple visual queuing system for meetings that allowed the moderator to manage meetings and easily customize participants names. Sitting members involved in the talk can send a request to speak which appears in the queue and can be chosen dynamically by the moderator.

Automated Audio and Video Switching

The system also automatically switches the video camera and audio to the person selected to speak by the meeting facilitator. It targets a group of three to allow for easy identification of the speaker on video. Since the council meetings are recorded and streamed to the web live, this removes the need for a human operator still used in some council chambers.

The system also automatically switches the video camera and audio to the person selected…

Presentation Control

The moderator can switch presenters into a picture-in-picture format that displays slides or video from a laptop through the live stream or projected locally for people in the gallery.

Web Streaming And Archiving

Each council member meeting is live streamed to the internet via the camera and switching system. For archival purposes the video and audio is automatically backed up to the a local system for storage.


For more on systems design and installations of audio, video and lighting, visit our Design and Installation page.