Performance venues and houses of worship range in size, function, and complexity of usage. For instance, some venues have multiple uses for one space: a church, a meeting hall, an auditorium, or an open general purpose room for conferences or community events. Some are even re-purposed storefronts or historic buildings. In each case, we take them as it's own with their own sets of solutions.

Modern churches are looking for audio and visual equipment that provides great sound and video for the entire congregation. Many include live video streaming and accessibility for the hearing impaired to keep their parishioners connected.

Over many years we have built up a team of installers and support staff that can install the right equipment that will provide the most benefit your venue with your unique situation. After a discovery session and an on-site we can assess how new equipment will affect your current operations.

Have questions or would like a consult on your new build or integration project? Give us some details through our quote form and we'll set up a time to talk about the next steps.