As the country starts to reopen, people are excited about gathering together again in person. With possible attendance restrictions and limited traveling available, Hybrid events are quickly becoming the norm.

New normal? Our norm.

eThereLIVE was been producing online and virtual events for 12 years! When COVID-19 hit, demand skyrocketed.Soundbox Productions has been producing in-person events for 20 years! When COVID-19 hit, demand stopped. Wanting to produce virtual events at the top level possible, and eThereLVE needing resources, Soundbox acquired eThereLIVE. If one good thing came out of the pandemic it is that we now have an awesome partnership.

Our virtual event team works seamlessly with our on-site event crew, all done in-house:

Stream from your location or venue with tech control at our studio or on-site

Multiple broadcast-quality cameras and professional audio

Customized lighting and set design to reflect your brand or theme

Make presentations with coordinated graphics and overlays

Fully co-ordinated and managed multi-camera video feed

Footage recording for content creation, archiving, or post-stream editing

Live stream public, private, or a combination of events

Custom presentation and dynamic video assets

Pre-record and produce video content on-site or in studio