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AVL Solutions For Your Next Tour

World class audiovisual equipment, staff, and logistics are expertly prepared and ready for the most demanding needs whether your tour is in Canada, the United States, or abroad.

From rehearsals to the last show, we work seamlessly with your touring team to provide the best equipment and service for your shows around the world. Soundbox roots are in the concert market and over the years we’ve developed our inventory to service a wide variety of productions and meet your artist’s demands and technical rider. Whether you need full staffed support or an extra piece of gear for a show, we’ve got you covered.

At Soundbox, we understand that touring provides different challenges than one-off events. That’s why we have developed the Soundbox Touring Company. Built by experts and years of experience, the Soundbox Touring Company specializes in addressing the unique challenges of taking a show on the road.

Why Choose Soundbox To Support Your Tour?

All About Logistics

We understand that the logistics of a tour can be a bit messy sometimes. That’s why at Soundbox, we take pride in our ability to get your tour organized, packed safely, and ready for the whatever might come along on the road.

Let's Troubleshoot

Speaking of the troubles of the road, we get that challenges will come up on tour. Whether it’s additional dates, transportation issues, or anything else, we have the personnel and knowledge to handle it and to make it as stress free as possible.

Tour To Streaming Video

Take your tour beyond the date-list by going virtual. eThereLIVE, the streaming division of Soundbox, has the equipment and crew necessary to bring your live experience to anyone with an internet connection. You can build your stream your way with multiple options including on-screen graphics, multi-camera feeds, and much more.

Hometown Heros To Headliners

In our 20 years, we’ve had the chance to tour with acts of all stripes from local artists on their way up to bonafide headliners like Billy Talent, Hillsong United, Brett Kissel, and Letterkenny Live. This has given us the ability to address the needs of artists and audiences alike for tours of any size.

Check out our Spotify playlist featuring the artists we have had the privilege of working with.

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