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We’ve put together a growing list of frequently asked questions about our services. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Let us know.

Event Support

What do I need to get started?

Some basic things that help us start a quote for you are:

  1. The date of the event
  2. Any start and end times
  3. Number of attendees
  4. Venue
  5. Elements you would like to have
  6. Audio
  7. Video
  8. Lighting
  9. Staging, stage size
  10. Drape and curtains
  11. Things you’ve seen

Assets can be brought to site via a USB key or portable drive, or delivered to us online through a dropbox or google drive account.

Often PowerPoint presentations have a lot of videos, graphics, charts and other items that are stored either locally on the host computer or on the internet. This can cause issues at events if they’re not embedded properly and are instead just linked. If there is no internet access on site, YouTube videos and other links simply will do nothing.

No problem! We work with all kinds of venues and only bring what we need to. If the venue can supply you with any projectors and screens, audio, lighting, then great.

With that said, we would need to connect with the venue to discuss what connections our equipment may need to work with, so we would need you to provide a contact on site that we can work with to provide the best solutions.

Upon request we can provide a clicker for advancing slides and presentations, with a laser pointer.

No, but some general sizes would be helpful. If you’re not sure.

Our company has been providing AV for events for nearly 20 years and because of this we’ve been to a LOT of venues over the years and may have worked in your venue before.

However, we haven’t worked in them all and in some cases it’s helpful to do a site visit with the client to assess if everything on your ‘must have’ list is feasible orif there are any limitations or challenges that might keep us from meeting those needs (power, elevators, ceiling height, rigging points, etc.).

Virtual Events

What do I need to get started?

Deciding what kind of virtual event and what features you want to have in it are the most important aspects of designing your solution. Is it a:

  • Conference?
  • Meeting?
  • Awards show?
  • Presentation?
  • Product demo?
  • Sales pitch?

Then, what features do you NEED to have?

Registration? Ticket sales? Live chat Moderated or unmoderated? Break out rooms or presentations? Gamification?

These are just some of the options to consider when designing a virtual event, and we can walk you through them to make sure you’re getting the solution you need.

Virtual Events offer many advantages that traditional events can fall short on, like

  • Analytics
  • The ability for attendees to join from anywhere
  • Easy registration
  • Ease of distribution of documents and materials
  • Easy follow up
  • Simple networking and communication
  • recording

Even if you’re hosting a traditional in-person event, we recommend considering a hybrid model that includes a virtual presence to capitalize on these benefits.

Yes and no. It depends on how smooth you want the overall presentation to be.

If you’re looking for a broadcast worthy awards show with lots of moving parts, then perhaps a fully pre-recorded show is right for you.

If you’d like it to be more personable then having a live host with pre-recorded content could be more engaging.

If this event is a meeting, interview, or has live performances then obviously all pre-recorded content will not suit your needs.

We often find a combination of pre-recorded and live content creates for the most engaging experience overall.

That’s why we’re there to help. Yes, technology isn’t always perfect, but if something does go wrong we’re there to make sure it gets back on track quickly and with as little disruption as possible.

We run multiple redundancies for power and internet loss. There is, unfortunately, never a 100% guarantee that a guest/host could have something go wrong on their end of things, but with our team watching over your event, any problems will be fixed fast and discretely with very little awareness by your audience.

A few things make preparing your guests, hosts, and presenters a little easier.

1. We always recommend connecting to a hard line/wired internet connection where possible. WIFI connections aren’t always reliable and often can be bottlenecked (slowed down) or suffer interference. If it is possible for them to connect directly to their modem then connection will be more reliable.

2. Close all blinds and windows where possible and try to sit somewhere without bright light or sunshine directly behind them. This light will wash out their image on their webcams and make it difficult for anyone to see them.

3. Check audio quality before getting online. Make sure you can be heard clearly with as little feedback as possible. Use a headset where possible and not just the computer’s mic and speakers. Often default settings can cause feedback.

4. If they are connecting from their office, make sure there’s no firewall within your office IT that could be causing issues. If there is, it would be good to have an IT person on standby to resolve these problems.

We always suggest a rehearsal ahead of the event to check these things ourselves with each presenter to make sure everything is running smoothly.

A platform is an online tool/site that allows us to either host the event or host the event through their services.

For example, YouTube is a good place for events to be streamed to. We can use our equipment to create the virtual event and broadcast to a YouTube link for everyone to see.

Zoom and Teams are examples of platforms that allow for meetings, small broadcasts and streaming. We tend to use Zoom as a way of broadcasting a stream to a landing page on our website.

For conferences, Pheedloop, VFairs, Hopin, EventMobi are all examples of other platforms that allow us host a larger conference or event. The features you’ll need for your event will dictate which platform suits your needs best. We can assist you in deciding which one to choose and set it up for success.

Design & Installation

How do we start to assess my needs?

The best way is to do a site visit with one of our specialists. They can determine the best use of the space, what challenges may already exist, the equipment you may already have installed, and then determine the best solution for your space and needs. Our specialists can also give you an idea of the cost and the install process so you’re well prepared for what comes next.

Absolutely! We can start from scratch, upgrade, or expand on what you already have in house. Sometimes you only need one or two pieces to get yourself up to date. With a quick site visit our specialists can determine what would work best for you.

Older buildings are always a unique challenge. Older churches and legacy buildings have their own quirks or beautiful decor that you want to preserve. Our team can suggest the perfect install solution that’s as minimally invasive and destructive to your space as possible.

We can work with you to design your AV on any budget! Just give us a call and see what we can do for you, working with the finances you have.

Yes! Talk to one of our account reps to discuss payment terms and how to get started.

Service & Repair

What is the cost for AV equipment servicing at Soundbox?

Service is billed on a per hour basis, at $95.00/hour, plus the cost of parts where needed. We charge a minimum “bench rate” of one hour for all drop off repairs. You would be responsible to drop off and pick up equipment.

On site service calls will be quoted based on location. A minimum of one hour on site at $95.00/hour plus travel time will be quoted. Service calls outside of regular business hours will be billed a 4-hour minimum charge. To get a quote, please visit our Get A Quote page and select “Repair“.

YES! We will let you know the cost of the repair before proceeding. You can also pre-authorize a maximum amount that you want to spend on the repair. This saves time spent communicating and will often get the repair done faster.

YES! But, if you have any concerns or very rare equipment, please call first and talk to our service manager. We’ll need the details on the nature of the issue and the equipment itself. If we expect a problem, we will give you options on how you can proceed.

If you have equipment that is under warranty it will need to be sent to the distributor for a repair done under warranty. You will also need to include your bill of sale when you ship it in for warranty repair. If you purchased the equipment from Soundbox, we would be happy to give you the distributor’s name and shipping address along with a copy of the bill of sale. If you prefer, Soundbox can facilitate your warranty repair for a nominal shipping and handling charge.

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