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Be there from anywhere! With Soundbox’s streaming division, eThereLIVE, you can be confident that your virtual event will be reliable and look great.

In 2020, Soundbox acquired eThereLIVE to expand our virtual and streaming offerings. eThereLIVE has been a leader in streaming for over 10 years and has built a trusted reputation in the virtual event industry working with clients both locally and abroad. Offering a variety of services such as virtual events, hybrid events, sports streams, and webinars, eThereLIVE has the know-how and resources to make your next e-vent a success. 

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Why Choose Our Team for Your Broadcast or Stream?

Over a Decade of Experience

The eThereLIVE team has been involved in virtual events long before the streaming boom in 2020. This experience gives us a leg up in knowing what to look for from a technical perspective, what looks good, and how to optimize and tailor user experience.

A One-Stop Shop

The partnership between Soundbox and eThereLIVE allows you to organize the virtual and in-person elements of your event under one roof. This means more coordination between the two experiences and less of a headache for you!

Secure and Reliable

The worst thing that can happen to a streaming event is a loss of connection or a security breech. Luckily, we're two steps ahead! Our internet backups and online security measures mean you can have confidence in your virtual event.

Commitment to Accessibility

Soundbox and eThereLIVE are both committed to making your event as accessible as possible. With this in mind, we are proud to offer a variety of captioning services for both online and in-person audiences.

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