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Keep your team on track with reliable meeting audiovisual. Whether your meeting is simple, sophisticated, or includes people hundreds of miles away, our team makes it easy. 

Have comfort with knowing that all the ‘tech stuff’ is going to work. Soundbox can supply the equipment and personnel needed to make everything run smoothly. No matter how big your meeting is, we can provide you with the audio, visual, lighting and staging to get your messages across. Get started today!

Why Choose Soundbox For Your Conference or Meeting?

Working with the Best

We have been the trusted name for trusted organizations for many years. We’ve also had the opportunity to be the go-to audio-visual supplier for well-known conference venues in the Golden Horseshoe like the Sheraton, Marriott, and Hamilton Convention Centre. This experience gives us a unique ability to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and to address any potential technical issues with poise.

Meet Securely

Don’t worry about breeches! Soundbox has plenty of experience with confidential meeting requirements. We can set up and secure your meeting so that you can work with confidence.

Quality, Quality, Quality

You should never have to struggle to hear or be heard in a meeting. Using Soundbox’s excellent equipment and technical know-how, your message will be heard crystal clear.

Wherever You Are

Let participants listen and present from anywhere with an internet connection with the help of our streaming division eThereLIVE. eThereLIVE is an industry leader in streaming so you can take comfort in knowing that your messages can get in and out with professional level reliability.

Compliance & Accessibility

What you’re discussing is important! Captioning ensures that your message is accessible to all attendees regardless of language barriers or hearing impairment. Available in English and French.

Need to know where to start? Check out our Audiovisual Considerations page
for information on equipment and services.

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