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Get the production solutions you need to wow your audience and get the most out of any space. Spotlight your production today! With in-house trucking we can bring the show to you!

Our roots are based on live performances. Whether it’s an outdoor country festival, a philharmonic orchestra in a soft-seated theatre, or a rock band in a bar, we have the inventory and experience to meet the artist’s requirements and stay within budget. Soundbox can supply your staging, audio, video, and lighting to meet your artist’s technical rider and we work alongside the promotor and performers to ensure that the show goes off perfectly. If you’re looking for a location for your performance, we are also proud to partner with amazing several venues to get you started.

Why Choose Soundbox For Your Live Performance?

Been There, Done That

As a company with over 20 years of experience with live performances, we’ve seen and done it all. Different performance types, venues, styles, and crowds – we’ve run the gambit. This means that you can be assured that no matter what your vision is, Soundbox can deliver an outstanding performance experience.

Artists at the Centre

At Soundbox, we know that the experience of the audience is only half of the equation, and we pride ourselves on our ability to make the experience of the performer(s) themselves as stress-free as possible. We make sure that all performers and supporting crew members are on the same page and ready to roll for showtime.

The Right Gear

In order to make the best experience possible, it’s important to have options to fit your venue, vision, and budget. Soundbox offers a deep inventory of AVL equipment for just this reason. With Soundbox, you know you’re getting the best tool for the job every time.

Share Anywhere

Want to bring your performance to people outside the venue? Go virtual with Soundbox’s streaming division eThereLIVE. eThereLIVE can set up your performance for the virtual world including multi-camera set ups, on-screen graphics, and more!

Need to know where to start? Check out our Audiovisual Considerations page
for information on equipment and services.

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