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Designing the best system for your space is critical in getting the most from your venue. Soundbox can design, install, and prepare you to get the most out of your audiovisual system. We service locally in Hamilton, across Ontario, and beyond!

House of


Audiovisual Installation

Our installation staff have years of industry experience that make them experts in audio, lighting, and visual equipment. This allows us to offer a comprehensive range of audiovisual system design and consulting services for venues of all types, sizes, and purposes from low-capacity bars and houses of worship to multi-thousand seat concert halls. We partner with world-leading manufacturers to ensure our customers are presented with leading-edge technology. Additionally, we will provide you with training and resources to use your new system while also providing you ongoing repairs on anything you might need. In combination, we take pride in the fact that we will not only give you a system that fits your needs but also one that will last. Reach out to build your system today!

Questions about AV installation? Check out our FAQ page to learn more!

AV Installations for Churches Theatres Clubs Mosques Banquet Halls Arenas Temples Schools

House of Worship

Modern houses of worship have unique AVL needs depending on anything such as their capacity, style of worship, needs of their worshipers, and role within their communities. We take this all into account as we craft your system to meet those needs to best serve you and your community.

Performance Venue

Keep audiences coming back for more. The backbone of any performance venue is the experience they provide for their patrons. Soundbox will help you get the very best out of your space whether that’s through a new system or a handful of equipment upgrades.

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