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Big or small, make it flawless! Whether you are planning an event in Hamilton, Niagara, or the Greater Toronto area, or virtually anywhere, Soundbox will deliver the perfect audiovisual experience for your event.

Hosting a gala, fundraising event, sporting event, or something else altogether? We can supply all your audio, video, lighting, and staging to make it a success. Our decades of collective experience in the audio, lighting, and multimedia fields have given us valuable insight into the wide array of issues an event might face either technically or creatively. That experience helps us guide and realize your vision when developing your special event while also ensuring that everything goes smoothly. Looking for a venue for your event? Check out our Partner Venue page to pick a perfect spot!

Why Choose Soundbox For Your AV Production?


Soundbox has been a trusted name in the event support field for two decades. Companies of all sizes as well as individuals from inside and outside of Canada know that working with Soundbox means excellent production and peace of mind. Check out our reviews on Google to see what people are saying.

Events of Any Size

As the largest full-service production house in the Hamilton-Niagara region, Soundbox is uniquely prepared to serve events at any scale. Whether your event has 12 people or 12000 people, we know how to create AVL solutions that will work for you, your audience, and your budget.

Extensive Gear Warehouse

In our business, having a large inventory of AVL gear means two things: options and solutions. Our warehouse contains several choices for our staff to pick from when building your AVL system which allows you to get the best equipment for your needs.

Take Your Event Virtual

Our streaming division, eThereLIVE, are pioneers of the streaming world. Even before platforms like YouTube Live were around, eThereLIVE was making top-notch streaming events. You can take advantage of this by either building a virtual-only event or getting the best of both worlds with a hybrid event.

Add Captions

Bring an extra depth of accessibility to your event through our live captioning services. Whether overlaid on a live video feed or presented on sponsored monitors in the space, captioning allows everyone in attendance to be included.

Need to know where to start? Check out our Audiovisual Considerations page
for information on equipment and services.

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