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Audiovisual production enhances the impact,
of presentations, events, and performances to create greater connection.

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“Thank you so much for doing such a great job with our audio and video on Saturday night. Your calm and professional approach really set my mind at ease. You helped make a truly special evening very memorable for the YMCA. It was a pleasing working with you. Thanks again!”

“I have worked with numerous sound and lighting companies over 30 years in the music business. I have never had a better experience then when I used Soundbox.”

“We’re so happy! We’re so grateful that Soundbox wasn’t just a supplier, they weren’t just a vendor, they were a partner in seeing the vision become a reality.”

“Soundbox was able to marry that dream of getting all these elements (look, sound, and feel) into the space and getting it right. And they did it!”

“Soundbox is my first choice for any audio and visual needs. Their expertise and passion make them great to work with.”

“The staff member of Soundbox Productions are always very easy to work with and produce excellent work exceeding our expectations. We continue to trust them for all our audio visual needs. I advise you do the same”

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