Audiovisual Installations in Niagara

Venue AV Sytems for Niagara

We use an elite knowledge of audio, video, lighting, and staging to build your vision.

Why Choose Soundbox For Your AV Set-Up?

Knowing Niagara

Soundbox has had the opportunity to work in and around the Niagara Region in the Event Support and Design & Installation sectors for over 20 years. This gives us a thorough understanding of these communities and and the tastes or needs they may have in an AV context.

Dual Focus

Our installs department has spent years specializing in two particular forms of audiovisual installation: Houses of Worship and Performance Venues. By specializing in these two particular types of systems, we are better able to understand the unique nuances and challenges both can present from planning to execution.

Equipment Made Easy

Sourcing the right audio, video, lighting, streaming, and/or staging for your install is vital. Luckily, Soundbox offers both a vast inventory of installation equipment in our main warehouse and a reliable network of suppliers to cover any gear needs.

Create A Payment Plan

Everyone has different needs, budgets, and timelines. With this in mind, Soundbox is proud to offer flexible payment plans to make the financial side of your installation as easy as possible. For more information on these plans, please get in touch with a representative.

Need to know where to start? Check out our Audiovisual Considerations page for information on equipment and services.

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