Returning to Kitchener, the Ever After Music Festival, continues to grow in size and scope. This year, they brought another group of influential music scene veterans and new artists to the thousands of attendees during the 3 day festival. After receiving 130 noise complaints from nearby homeowners after the 2017 festival, the city of Kitchener reduced the noise by-law level 10 decibels bringing the maximum to 55 for this years event. After hearing about the reduction in noise complaints that happened at a similar festival, Escapade in Ottawa, the organizer decided to bring us in to use our PK Sound Trinity system to manage the noise levels while still delivering high-energy music at festival levels of volume. The PK Sound Trinity advanced robotic line array allows for loud, clean, quality audio processing and the ability to have directional control over the sound projection off the stage. The Klarity bass bins use cardioid digital signal processing which reduces bass energy towards the stage keeping the lower frequencies moving toward the audience resulting in detailed low end. The festival had a dedicated Bylaw Enforcement officer assigned to help manage the sound levels in the residences near the park, pointing out areas where there were issues in the previous years. We managed to reduce, or eliminate altogether, the noise level issues in those problem areas resulting in only 6 complaints, down from 130 in 2017. That is a reduction of over 90%.
We reduced noise complaints by over 90%.
Part of the appeal when using the PK Sound line array is the technology in the hardware/software combination and in the system itself. Each line array unit contains motorized speakers that, after the software analyzes a space, will adjust itself for the desired sound profile. Our team was able to setup completely, make refinements and then adjust the projection of the sound further, all while the line array was hanging in place. This allowed us to quickly respond to the needs of the client and the city, even at a moments notice. The speed and scope of these changes would be nearly impossible with the industry standard “chain fall” system. Looking back in terms of sound quality and compliance, the weekend was a success. The music sounded great and we were able to work with the festival organizers and the city of Kitchener to give festival goers a great experience while keeping the local residents relatively happy with the reduced noise levels. UPDATE: Pk Sound recently posted a blog post about the event here.

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