In direct response to the current physical distancing social norm, which may be with us for some time, drive-in events feel like a logical solution for live concerts and larger gatherings.

Effectively the same as a drive-in movie, drive-in events have been proposed in many regions as a solution for concerts, religious gatherings, and large scale speaking events. There have already been successful drive-in concerts in Europe. We already have strategies ready to go to start them here.

How it will work

We will bring the stage, video, lights, and transmitter to your approved outdoor space. We can set up the drive-in event with a single artist or take measures to keep multiple artists in different areas to maintain safety for artists, crew, and organizers.

The goal is to create an event with the feeling of an in-person event and all the advantages of moveable shelters. Each car it’s own shelter so events can continue even with minor weather conditions that would normally have an event canceled. Concert-goers can be entertained and have a sense of community while staying safe.

Health & Safety

We are up to date on all safety precautions and government regulations in order to put on drive-in events. Our managers will work with your representatives to ensure we are staying safe while putting on a great drive-in event for your attendees.

Getting Started

While we are still waiting for all the details to become available, we are accepting inquiries and doing consultations with select venues. Contact us for further details if you think you have access to a venue that may be suitable for a drive-in event.