Video streaming is more common than ever for live events and becoming the norm in day-to-day business activities with remote meetings and a growing distributed workforce.

Live video streaming is a viable solution for most events that need to reach those in other countries, time zones, regions, or not physically able to attend. Your event attendees aren’t limited to being physically present at a location to hear your message or experience the energy of a live performance.

High definition streams can effectively communicate your message, brand, or aesthetic to viewers and may include enhanced features for remote participation.

Corporations and organizations commonly use video streaming for events, virtual conferences, meetings, and remote work.


In addition to live production staff, large events can have a group of technicians dedicated to making your live stream look and feel like a professional broadcast.

Boardrooms can become a central broadcasting centre for the entire company, efficiently communicating important leadership messaging regularly to all employees regardless of where they are located in the world.

Nearly all video conference software is supported by a range of hardware that can be customized to your company’s technical requirements and support needs.

Churches, Non-Governmental Organizations, And Non-Profits

Organizations of any size can benefit from portable or permanent streaming solutions to communicate regularly within their business groups, congregations, or to the public.

Portable streaming equipment can be moved from a community or meeting room to a common area, office, or huddle space.

A permanent video streaming solution could include a broadcast-style environment with green screens, stages, and professional cameras.

City Councils

With live streaming solutions, local governments can demonstrate transparency in the governing process, distribute critical and timely information, and allow for more people to participate in important community discussions.

With many already embracing the live streaming trend, it is only a matter of time before all city council meetings are streamed to the public and archived.