Our in-house service and repair department offers excellent diagnostic and repair services for professional audio, lighting and video equipment. Service is performed at our Hamilton location with on-site support also available.

We service warrantied and non-warranty equipment and have customization options to suite your individual requirements.

Call 1-888-273-1038 or request a quote today.

Service Calls

To start a service request, please visit our Get A Quote page and select “Repair“. Please include your contact info, the issue itself and location.


Q: What is the cost for AV equipment servicing at Soundbox?
A: Service is billed on a per hour basis, at $75.00/hour, plus the cost of parts where needed. We charge a minimum “bench rate” of one hour for all drop off repairs. You would be responsible to drop off and pick up equipment.

Q: What is the cost for on site service call?
A: On site service calls will be quoted based on location. A minimum of one hour on site at $75.00/hour plus travel time will be quoted. Service calls outside of regular business hours will be billed a 4-hour minimum charge. To get a quote, please visit our Get A Quote page and select “Repair“.

Q: Will you let me know the cost of the repair before I decide to proceed?
A: YES! We will let you know the cost of the repair before proceeding. You can also pre-authorize a maximum amount that you want to spend on the repair. This saves time spent communicating and will often get the repair done faster.

Q: Do you service all makes and models of equipment?
A: YES! But, if you have any concerns or very rare equipment, please call first and talk to our service manager. We’ll need the details on the nature of the issue and the equipment itself. If we expect a problem, we will give you options on how you can proceed.

Q: How do I service equipment that is under warranty?
A: If you have equipment that is under warranty it will need to be sent to the distributor for a repair done under warranty. You will also need to include your bill of sale when you ship it in for warranty repair. If you purchased the equipment from Soundbox, we would be happy to give you the distributor’s name and shipping address along with a copy of the bill of sale. If you prefer, Soundbox can facilitate your warranty repair for a nominal shipping and handling charge.

Used Gear

If you’re interested in replacing or adding to your existing equipment, we are always selling off our used rental inventory and overstock items.

See what is currently available on our used gear inventory page. We are constantly updating this list, so check back often.